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“"When we treat our community like family, that’s when we truly begin to thrive. To me, each and everyone of you in my community, locally, nationally, or otherwise, is my family! I look forward to sharing my passion and product with each and every one of you. So, welcome to family, welcome to community, welcome to Change!”


Built on the Foundation of Quality and Care

Owner and Founder, Jacob Stanford, grew up in a small community in New England. However after joining the military and moving to San Diego, he was instantly captivated with the beautiful culture, community, and essence of ‘America’s Finest City’. That’s why after leaving the military he decided to move back to the Eight Largest city in America bringing his small town ideals and bigger-than-life ambitions with him.

Jacob has always been passionate about caring for others and giving back to his community that’s why when he saw an issue with the current state of food in the market he decided to do something about it. Through his time in the military and thereafter, Jacob saw the profound effect that food, made with care and crafted using only quality ingredients, can have in helping a community thrive. Therein lies the issue he has with food currently on shelves. When every nutrient you consumes impacts your performance through life, too many products include added sugars and unnecessary ingredients. Those that don’t pride themselves on importing ingredients from around the world, but Jacob know through having traveled around the world there is no food that lives up to that which is grown in American Soil.

Thus, his mission was clear. Jacob put his head down and got to work creating products using only the best and purest ingredients to create a food that will leave you feeling even better than when you’re eating it!

He also had something else on his mind. Why stop at telling people the simple ingredients? Why not let the consumer know exactly where the ingredients come from? That’s why Jacob put it right in his business model to be complete transparent and open about where the nuts that go into each and every batch of butter are sourced.


Carefully Crafted in a Small Kitchen (Just Like Yours!)

Because we are a small independent operation we have the luxury of hand crafted each and every product in small batches. This allows for us to pour our heart and souls into each jar (along with our delicious nut butters) ensuring that ever single batch receives the same outstanding care and attention to craft as the last.

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Proud to Support Our Community!

From our backyard to yours, community and giving back has and will always be at the forefront of our business model. That’s why before we even had our store up and running, we were hitting the phones hard to find partners in taking what we make and use it to positively impact our local and national community.

We strongly encourage you to click the link below and learn more about our awesome partnerships and the unbelievable causes they support!