Maple Walnut

Maple Walnut

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What do you want us to say? You read the title, didn’t you.

The natural delicious bitterness of walnuts mixes beautifully with the sweet rich flavor of maple to give you an any time snack or meal that will have have you coming back for seconds, thirds, and even fourths! Go back for a fifth? Don’t worry we won’t tell because our Maple Walnut Butter is so good you most definitely aren’t alone!

We found that pure maple syrup while delicious in its own right, was too filled with fats, unnecasarry sugars and left us feeling a little sticky and sluggish. Thats why we refined and perfected a way of extract all that maple flavor with none of the sugar to create an even tastier and better for you product.

Don’t believe us? Well try it out for yourself. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. By the spoon, on a slice, or as an ingredient. We are sure you will fall instantly in love with this delicious tandem burst of flavor that is our Nothin’ But Flavor Maple Walnut Butter!

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