Here we go!

The day has finally come and that day is December 6. Our first Farmers Market and we couldn’t be more exited. If you’d like to know more go visit our events page.

Come visit us at the Linda Vista Farmers market from 2-6PM every Thursday.

See you there!

Products Are Here and They Are Amazing!!!

Thanks to everyone’s support, feedback, and input we were able to get our company up and running and establish a product line with tastes that don’t disappoint!! So Bravo to all of you. We couldn’t have done it better without you!

Here is our refined Lineup, but we are constantly in the test kitchen trying new,crazy ideas!

Jacob Stanford
New Products Coming!

Hey there you Nuts!

We have been hard at work all day trying out some new, secret, and experimental flavors!

Now our new flavor poll is currently underway and we don’t want to force anyone’s hand, but after just a dab of the highly anticipated Toffee Pecan touched a single taste bud of our Master Crafter, he had to take a break to stop crying out of pure ecstasy.

Okay, maybe not really, but its not far off, its that GOOD!

We are so excited to see how you all vote and anyone who sends us a message asking for a sample of one of our new experimental flavors will get one free of charge so long as you tell us how amazing they are!!

Thanks for the love everyone and as always…

Stay Nutty!

Day One Experiments were exceedingly successful!

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