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Always Carefully Crafted by Hand

By using only the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients we strive to change your perception on how food should be made by carefully crafting each of our nut butters in small batches, free of preservatives and additives.


All Natural

When we say we make our products with only the highest quality, all natural products we mean it! We are and have always been dedicated to creating food that leaves you feeling better after enjoying than before. Click below to find a list of all the ingredients we use so you can vet our process yourself!


Dedicated to Community

It’s not just the community in our backyard either. Giving back has been at the forefront of our company vision and that’s why we set up and committed to partnering with national and local charities even before day one of the business going live.

Please follow the link below and let us share with you what we are passionate about.


The Latest Taste:

Introducing our newest, most delicious, and most Californian flavor yet!

Made with all natural Grade A Avocado Blossom honey, you’ll be getting the Southern California feeling in no time!


Our Roots

Our business is like a mixed bag. While it may be filled to the brim with different nuts, each one is just as important and beneficial as the last and its that OPENNESS to embracing collective experience that has helped our company grown into something that we are truly and UNEQUIVOCALLY proud to call our own and share with you!

Born and raised in Connecticut we learned the appeal, love, and benefits of local commerce. We also learned that the need to supply the world with quality all natural food doesn’t stop at our property borders. As a veteran owned and operated company we learned the beauty and brilliance of treating everyone like family, regardless of your origins. We fervently believe home is where your family is and we consider all of you our family. That’s why we make all our products with the care of a dish that we would serve in our own homes!

Please click the link below to learn more about who we are. We would love to sit down and let you get to know us more!


Our Butters

Using only 100% natural ingredients we have carefully crafted a series of delicious nut butters. Whether it is our Nothin' But line, which includes the excellent tastes of butters utilizing only pure ORGANIC California Walnuts and Almonds or our Nothin’ But Flavor line which steps up the flavor profile while maintaining its pure creationist roots with the unforgettable tastes of our Cake Batter (made with hand roasted macadamias) and our Toffee Pecan (made with hand roasted Pecans and includes the decadent taste of English Toffee using all natural and organic flavors)


Our Mission

To Change Your Perception

On How You See Food!

Using the Highest Quality, All Natural, Locally Sourced Ingredients

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