Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my product?

Currently we can only sell directly to local SoCal customers. Don’t lose hope! If you are out of the scope of our operation, but want to support us and enjoy our amazing products, click the button below and look out the “Out of Area Friends” Section!

What if I notice something wrong or am dissatisfied with my product?

If you aren’t in love with the services we provide then please click here to submit a form and someone from our product support team will respond within 24 Hours.

Alternatively you may choose to email us at OR call us at 619.736.0450

What if I just don’t like the taste of what I received?

While we are a growing business and refunds are a particularly hard aspect to manage at this time, we fully understand that the taste of complete all natural food is something much of the consumer market isn’t accustomed to. We are dedicated to doing whatever possible to make sure our friends and family, you the customer, is completely satisfied with the experience you are receiving.

That’s why you can click here to submit a product support form. You may also email or call our customer support line at 619.736.0450.

If you feel like you have feedback that could help us do better please click below and send an anonymous feedback form. We genuinely want to strive to be the best and grow as a company so please if you see something we can be doing better or if you want to say we are doing something awesome, we absolutely want to hear it!