Here you will find all the awesome information we couldn’t fit into our other pages, but we thought was so important that we couldn’t leave it out!

Take a Penny, Leave a Penny

We would never consider asking anyone for a handout. We know though that when you give to your community, your community wants to give back to you! That’s why we aren’t putting any requests in, but if you so desire chipping in to aid our budding company into a blossoming organization allowing for us to create even better products and contribute more to our partners, then you are more than welcome! Regardless, the fact that you are here reading this means the world to us.

No obligation help! Any bit or no bit. We simply appreciate your patronage and hope to keep you as a lifelong member of our community!

Because of that we say, Thank You. We appreciate your support!

To show that, for all of our local friends, please use code takeapenny at check out and get an additional 5% off of your purchase!



Out of Area Friends

Hey there all you Nuts from beyond the borders of the Golden State! You must be pretty bummed that due to cottage food laws you can’t indulge in our awesome flavor by buy directly from our site. Trust us, we don’t like it either.

That’s why if you wanted to donate to help our company flourish and also further support our partners we have set up an option to donate.

As an extra thank you, we will send you an awesome gift! Just follow the directions in the donation menu and we hope to one day go National, but that all starts here. With One, penny. One jar, and one new friend and Nut, YOU!